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○How to register as a member

Please agree to the Terms of Use and complete the membership registration by entering the required information at the ""REGISTER NOW"" section of your login page.

A confirmation email will be sent to your registered email address.

If you do not receive a confirmation email, your registration may not have been completed. Please contact us from the ""Contact Us"" page.


Please set a password when you register as a member. Please manage your own password so that you do not forget it. If you have forgotten your password, please click ""FORGOT IT?"" to set your password again.

○Membership Cancellation

In order to cancel your membership, you must submit a request by email. Please contact us from the ""Contact Us"" page stating you wish to cancel your membership. We will proceed your membership cancellation once we comfirm your email.

<Regarding the Items>


Collection items are mainly made of Silver925 and K10.

Plated items are nickel-free using rhodium and K18 plating.

As for K10 earrings, we use hypoallergenic materials such as K18 material for the post and backs.

•Please make sure to check the details of the materials we use on each item page.

•If you may be or concerned you have metal allergies, we recommend you to get allergy tests before purchasing any items. We are not responsible for any allergic symptoms that may occur when using our products.

-Cautions for Use-

• Since each item is handmade and also made of natural materials, there may be slight differences in color and etc between the actual item and the image. Especially for natural gemstones, individual differences may be extreme so they are not limited to the images.

• Please be careful not to drop or crash the items. Since each piece of un's jewelry are handmade, they are very delicately crafted. Natural gem stones and pearls are also delicate materials so they should be handled with care.

• Please be sure to remove your jewelry when going to a sauna or skiing where the temperature can be extremely hot or cold as it may cause burns or frostbites.

• Please be sure to remove your jewelry when entering hot springs or seawater. If you keep them on, it may cause discoloration. 



Please be noted that there will be a few millimeters difference in sizes due to the fact that all items are handmade. Also, we do not accept size orders.


The available sizes listed in the drop-down list of each item page are indicated in Japan Custom Sizes (JCS).

Please check the size chart below for sizes other than the Japan Custom Sizes.

#1 41 1 C
#3 43 2.5 E
#5 45 3.5 G
#7 47 4 H-I
#9 49 5 J
#11 51 6 L
#13 53 6.5-7 M-N
#15 55 7.5-8 O-P
#17 57 8.5 Q
#19 59 9.5 S


○Payment Methods

• Credit Cards    VISA/Mastercard/AMEX/JCB

• Paypal

• WeChat Pay/Alipay

Depending on the customer's residing country or region, customs duties (import tax, VAT, customs clearance fees, and etc.) will be incurred in addition to the item price.

<Shipping and Handling>


We will deliver by Japan Post or FedEx. 

Country Charge
Korea ¥3,500
Taiwan ¥3,500
China ¥8,500
Hong Kong ¥4,000
Thailand ¥4,000
Singapore ¥4,000
Australia ¥5,500
U.S. (mainland only) ¥5,500
Canada ¥11,000
United Kingdom ¥14,000
France ¥5,500
Germany ¥5,500
Italy ¥5,500
Spain ¥5,500
Denmark ¥5,500
Norway ¥14,000
Finland ¥5,500

Shipping charges vary depending on the customer's residing country and also the weight of the purchased items.

Depending on the customer's residing country or region, customs duties (import tax, VAT, customs clearance fees, and etc.) will be incurred in addition to the item price.

Customs duties shall be charged at the time of delivery or after delivery and shall be paid by the customer.

If you have any questions, please contact the delivery company.

Please contact the customs office as we are unable to estimate the customs duties in which customers will have to pay.

We are not responsible for any duties or taxes incurred when importing items.

○Time of delivery

Orders will be shipped within 14 days of receipt, plus additional delivery days per country of destination. (Excluding made-to-order items.)

Please use the tracking number in the shipping confirmation email to check the expected delivery time, as it varies depending on the delivery company.

We do not ship on the New Year's holidays (From December 27th ~ January 7th).

Regarding the delivery time for made-to-order items, please check each item page for details.

If you purchase multiple items in the same cart that have different delivery dates, such as in-stock items and made-to-order items, we will ship them as soon as they are all available.

We are unable to accept date and time requests upon delivery.

Please note that delivery time may take longer than usual depending on the delivering area, traffic conditions, and weather conditions. We are not responsible for delays.

If you purchase items with different delivery dates, they will be shipped once all items are ready. Please be careful when purchasing items together with pre-order items.

<Cancellation, Returns and Exchanges>


We do not accept cancellations after an order has been confirmed. Please check the item contents and precautions carefully before placing your order.

○Returns and Exchanges

Please note that we cannot accept returns or exchanges for reasons attributable to the customer, such as ""the size does not fit"" or ""the actual item was different from expected.""

If you have received a damaged item, or if you have received a wrong item, please contact us from the ""Contact Us"" page within 7 days of arrival.

We will initiate your return or exchange immediately.

*If the exchanging item is out of stock, please allow some time for delivery.

*Please be noted that some items such as ""one-of-a-kind"" jewelry using natural gemstones, etc., may not be accepted for exchange.

-Return Shipping Costs-

If the item is found to be defective, or in any case we have shipped a wrong item, we will be responsible for all return shipping costs.

-Returning Method-

・Please use a shipping method with a tracking guarantee.

・To prevent the fragile items from damage during shipping, please pack your items securely in the original jewelry box which were used at the time of delivery, or with any other kind of shock absorbent materials.

-Return Policies-

・Must be within 7 days of receipt of goods

・No scratches, distortion, etc.

・Items should be unused or tried on only at indoors.

・Delivery note, proof of purchase, and other accessories must be fully equipped.


Please be noted that in the following cases, we are unable to accept your return or charge the customer for repair even if the item was wrong or defective.

・If you have already used the item (except for trying them on at indoors).

・If we find any stains or damages in the tried-on items.

・If the condition of the returned item is significantly different from that of the original delivery (including cases when items were damaged during delivery due to poor packaging conditions.)

・If the returned item is deemed to be in a condition where it cannot be resold.

・If more than 8 days have passed after receipt of goods.


<Gift Wrapping>

All jewelry will be shipped after packaged in an original jewelry box or a drawstring bag.

Gift wrapping service is not available.


○Daily Care

• After each use, please wipe gently with a soft cloth or chamois leather specially made for silver products. Wipe off excess sweat, sebum, or makeup on the surface to prevent dullness and tarnishing.

•When storing your jewelry, we recommend placing them in a jewelry box to keep them away from exposure to open air. When left exposed to open air for a long time, causing dullness and tarnishing to your jewelry.

•If you wish to clean the tarnish at home, we recommend using cleaning solution made specially for silver jewelry.