<About the product>
Q. I don't know my finger size.
A. We recommend that you try on the ring you want at one of our directly-managed stores.
The comfort of the ring may vary greatly depending on the design. Also, finger size may vary depending on the season, time of day, and physical condition.

Below are some main examples.
Example 1) Many customers go up about 2 sizes on the same finger between a narrow ring and a wide ring, as the wide ring feels more compressed when worn.
Example 2) In summer and winter, the finger tends to be more edematous in summer. A ring that was the perfect size in winter may feel a little tight in summer.

In addition, we measure all of our customers' finger sizes at our directly-managed stores and keep and manage them as a medical record.
If you are unsure of your size, please visit our store.
If you live far away, please purchase a commercially available size gauge and take your measurements.
*Please note the measurement method. For more detailed explanation and consultation, please contact us on our contact page.
*Please note that we do not accept returns or exchanges due to customer reasons such as "the size did not fit".
Q. Where are un products made?
A. Both design and production are done in Japan.
The designer himself creates the prototype, polishes, finishes, and clasps each piece by hand.
The process of jewelry making is not a simple one, but rather a process that incorporates a variety of polishing techniques and precise calculations to make the craftsmanship stand out, resulting in unique and one-of-a-kind designs.
Q. Will the prices of your products ever go up?
A. Product prices are subject to change without notice due to various reasons such as fluctuations in material prices.
Q. Are products ever discontinued?
A. "un" releases new collections at least three times a year. Therefore, past products may be discontinued without notice.
If there is stock remaining, we may be able to sell even discontinued products. Please contact us if the product you are looking for is not available in our stores or online store.
Q. Will you re-sell past limited items?
A. Although it varies from product to product, limited-edition products using natural stones are generally discontinued as soon as they are sold out.
We may resell them as soon as we are able to purchase the natural stones.
<About Orders
Q. After placing an order, I have not received an order confirmation e-mail.
A. If you do not receive an order confirmation e-mail within 24 hours after placing an order, the following may be the cause
The order was not completed.
The registered e-mail address is incorrect.
The order confirmation e-mail has been sorted into the junk e-mail folder.
You have specified a domain in your spam mail settings or have not specified it as a permitted domain to receive e-mails.
 →Please set up your e-mail address to receive "info@un-designs.com".
The mail server is blocking the mail as spam.
The email has not been sent due to our reasons.
Please check your order status in My Account before contacting us.
If your order details are displayed and your e-mail address is correct, please check to see if it has been sorted into a spam folder.
Q. Can I order by phone or e-mail?
A. For products not available in our online store, we may be able to accept orders by e-mail. (except for some products).
First, please contact us through the Contact Us page.
Q. Does it come with a shopper?
A. We will attach an original shopper exclusively for jewelry for 110 yen per piece. If you wish to have it, please purchase it together with the product.
Please note that only jewelry purchases are eligible for this service. The shopper cannot be purchased separately.
Shoppers are not available for non-jewelry items such as incense and photo books.
Q. Do you offer gift wrapping?
A. We can wrap a ribbon around the product. For details, please refer to the "Gift Wrapping" page.
Q. Can I make a bank transfer?
A. If you choose Paypal as your payment method, you can choose bank transfer.
Please register your bank account with Paypal.
Q. Can you send to an address other than my home?
A. You can specify a delivery address other than your home. Please enter the desired delivery address (must be within Japan) in the "Delivery Address" field.
Q. Can I order from overseas?
A. We are currently preparing to start international shipping. Please wait a little longer.
<Returns and Exchanges
Q. The item I received was defective and I want to return (exchange) it.
A. If you receive an item that is defective or different from what you ordered, we will promptly return or exchange it.
For details, please refer to the "Cancellation, Returns, and Exchanges" page.
Q. I want to return (exchange) an item because it does not fit or is different from my image.
A. We do not accept returns or exchanges due to customer reasons such as "the size does not fit," "it is not what I expected," or "I ordered the wrong item.
Please check the product page and size guide carefully before ordering.
Q. Does the "cooling-off" policy apply?
A. Cooling-off is not applicable. Cooling-off is a law to protect consumers for door-to-door sales and telemarketing, but it does not apply to mail order sales such as those on this site. Please be aware of this and enjoy your shopping experience.
<About Repair
Q. Can I have my product repaired?
A. Depending on the product and its condition, repairs may be accepted.
For details, please check the "Aftercare" page, and then contact us from the Contact Us page.
Q. Can you resize rings?
A. Depending on the product and its condition, we can resize it.
For details, please check the "Aftercare" page, and then contact us from the Contact Us page.
Q. Is it possible to purchase only the catches for pierced earrings?
A. Piercing catches are sold at our directly-managed stores. We can also ship them to you, so please contact us from the Contact Us page.
Q. I have lost one of my earrings. Can I buy only one of them?
A. We accept orders. Please visit our directly-managed stores or contact us from the Contact Us page.
<About member registration and login
Q. I forgot my password and cannot log in.
A. Please reset your password from the "Forgot Password?
If you are unable to log in for any other reason, please contact us from the Contact Us page.
Q. Can I change my registered information?
A. You can change your name, address, phone number, password, and other registered information in My Account.
Q. Do you have a layaway service?
A. We are sorry, but we do not offer layaway service at this time.
Q. I made an inquiry through the inquiry page, but have not received a reply.
A. Have you received a confirmation email from us after sending your inquiry?
If not, it is possible that we did not receive your e-mail.
If you have received a confirmation e-mail, we will reply to you within 48 hours.
Please note that it may take additional time if your inquiry is received on Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, or during long holidays.
Q. Please let me know which select stores carry your products.
A. Please check the SHOP LIST on our official website.
For store locations and product availability, please contact the store directly.
Q. Are the products handled the same at directly managed stores, select stores, and online stores?
A. The contents of the products we offer vary from store to store.
The entire lineup is available only at directly managed stores.
The products carried at select stores and other physical stores differ from store to store.
Please contact each store directly for availability.
Q. Will there be any POP UP events?
A. As soon as we decide to hold an event, we will announce it on our official website NEWS and SNS, so please check back frequently.
Q. Do you currently have any job openings?
A. We are not accepting applications at this time. We will announce any openings on the official website NEWS and SNS.